Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Brain nodes and rubber bands

Esme has discovered rubber bands... I need to get her a box.
This is the 'Mooer', it is like a telescope, but you moo into it.
The crayons are for extra super power.

I'm starting to get my 'brain nodes' open and flowing again.  I don't want to just fall into bed at night.  It must be getting towards Spring, and some of the worry channels I've kept the past years just *might* be reassigned...not sure about that one, but I think it might have some truth in it.  I feel I've always reserved a piece of my brain for 'when it hits the fan up North', and as that happened a week or so ago, and is winding down... still lost and angry a bit but also there is a relief at the same time.  I dreamt of seedlings the night before last, and that is a good dream.  I emptied all the trash out of the seed box... lovingly sorted things, planned what we have for making seedling trays, ordered a new package of a certain tomato.  I do need to buy some more zinnia seeds, for the butterflies.  I have a workshop project to finish tomorrow and mail off.  Tonight I have work and then a Common Core meeting at Esme's school I am planning to attend.

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