Saturday, February 01, 2014


It's Saturday again, and I feel like I've done a time warp.  I know I was at work... but it is all kind of fuzzy ;)  I am knitting a toy net for Esme's room, reading Hogfather, and am wondering what else I should get done during this rare weekend.

 the toy net hammock
pattern: with strong cotton yarn : knit 1 row, second row and all after: knit one, yarn over, *knit two together, yarn over* to end of row, bind off, attach long leader lines at five equal places along edges, tie over hooks and hang up on wall. 

bitty bits:  Made a little potholder/trivet cloth and put it in a letter to Mark's aunt.  Crocheted a band onto the bottom of my hat to cover my ears.  Delivered the robot to it's owner.  Made two of those scrubbing cloths for the bath and they worked pretty well (Esme thinks they are great, too).  Put another two inches on the orange striped blanket.  Mark says I could get some thin nylon rope and make us a grocery net for the back of the truck, as well - it is a pretty good idea but I need to research the nylon a bit.

Esme has a fascination with Iron Man at the moment, and superheroes in general.  She asked for a grilled egg sandwich the other day - which I translated as a grilled cheese sandwich with an omelet egg put in the middle before the toasting cycle.  She ate it all - although I had to urge on after halfway - and that was a first for her.  She has hated eggs and cheese both since she was tiny... we were making little steps with the cheese up until now but had not made much with the eggs.

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