Monday, December 05, 2011

triangle shawl notes and more

Inspired by Elizabeth Zimmerman's 'A Knitter's Almanac', a book of simple projects signifying the most needed items in a household over the course of a year... Simplest triangle shawl ever is based on a knit garter-stitch dishcloth. Start with four stitches, k2, yo, knit to end. Repeat this always doing the same sequence, k2, yo, knit to end and the item will grow and grow. Once the shawl is a proper size, make some sort of edging or eyelet at the top for a few rows and bind off loosely. I am thinking to do a checkerboard pattern for three rows, then garter stitch for another three and binding off. Then I will fringe mine all the way around if I have enough yarn. I am knitting it on size 6 needles right now, and waiting for my circular needle to come in the mail to transfer it over and continue making it wider.

project yarn from my stash basket: EssentialSolid by KnitPicks. This has been discontinued and/or morphed into Stroll sock yarn, it is a superwash 75% wool with 25% Nylon. The Stroll's difference is that it is Merino wool, and this older yarn does not identify the wool source. I have a skein and a half of 'Ash' and one of a hot pink color... I think I intended to knit socks for Esme out of it and decided against it after she disliked her slippers. // I also had a ball of Sock Memories 'Morning Glory' but it is not machine-washable... it is hand wash. So, I guess I will be using the pink somewhere in this shawl after all... colors: Ash and Petunia

Esme in the older 'Cinderella' dress
with paint on the sleeve
showing me her nailbrush cleaning skills...

Esme got watercolor paint all over the front of the new dress last night - but it did wash out. When I took this picture I thought about these sleeves... that is usually where a dress 'shrinks'... but this one doesn't look too much different than when I made it... how can that be?

The acrylic garter stitch blanket is being knit on as well, it is about 3/4 done and getting longer and longer. I usually put just a few rows on that at a time, as it is about 4 feet wide and heading towards 6 feet long.

a small assortment of the heirloom beans...

From top left to right : Parchman Lockwood pinto, Florida Speckled Pole Lima beans, Polish (Colorado river beneath it), Piggott Family Heirloom southern cow pea

next row: Mountain Climbers, Bosnian pole bean, Maria Amazaliteis, Tennessee Greasy

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