Sunday, December 11, 2011

last day of december vacation

My week is up... back to normal tomorrow with an early morning shift. We plan on going to Grandma's house today and helping her with a few computer things. Esme is pretending to be a butterfly doctor, and blowing bubbles all over the kitchen etc etc... I have been working on a few more yarn projects.

blue sweater, Vanna's choice Lion yarn, size 7 straight needle

This will be a slightly larger sweater for this year, using the one from last year as a pattern. I am also making a circle rug out of scrap yarn, crocheting it in the round. It is coming along quicker than my knit afghan is... but it will get slower and slower as it grows and probably 'catch up'.

butterfly 'doctor'

She is also holding one of her dinosaur toys and singing 'there is a new tooth on the way' to the toy. This morning I had to laugh because she had taken towels and covered up the puppies downstairs because they were cold. They did seem to appreciate it. I have another round of cleaning to do down there with the mop and scrub brush before we go see Grandma. I'm actually feeling well now.. and it is warmer downstairs right now with the sun coming in. It is nice.

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