Thursday, December 01, 2011

Queen quilt, happy puppy and hooks

Warm puppies are happy

Mama has been warm, too. The quilt was finished being bound last night, which means no more pins in it, and I can quilt it as I see fit. It is VERY toasty - thick tapestry on one side will do that! It is about an inch thick, little less in some places. It is a 'rustic' quilt, with hand stitching on the binding all the way around and simple strip patchwork to bound pieces together haphazardly into a large sheet. Yes, part of the backing (which is 'up' at the moment, and may stay up) is a sheet that was a 'full' and would not fit our bed.

'tapestry' side

The tapestry and upholstery fabrics came in a trade on Ebay years ago for some of our hardware equipment. The man's wife owned an upholstery shop and wanted to get our hardware cheaper. Mark worked out the trade and I tried to use the fabrics as well as we could - some of it had monkeys and elephants on it.

A 'rusticly' bound corner
It is handquilting thread and all of the edges are bound inside, so it should wash

The sheet side
The blue and pink rabbit fabrics were scraps from Esme's baby blankets... seemed fitting to save them here

Esme 'painting ponds' on her paper
She loves the watercolors...

A new set of coat hooks

And I had a semi-catastrophe yesterday trying to hang up jackets and get toys for Esme on our storage shelf (6 foot plastic thing). Something up on the top fell down on top of my head and I decided that was IT. Our coats and hats and gloves have been sitting on a shelf there to keep the cats off of them - and the shoes have been in a box by the door, which the cats sleep in anyway.... We will try this setup and see how it goes. The hats and gloves are in the totebag, the scarves are hanging with the coats and Esme has her own hook down low with her things on it. The shoes are temporarily on some weighted crates and I hope maybe to build something better for them in the future.

As I bustled around doing these hooks and cleaning up things Esme proclaimed to Daddy 'Mom, she is BETTER. We are all busies!' Haha. Even as I am coughing up green still at times... it is obvious something may have turned over. I am doing things. Things are getting done. I hope that is all proof a road to this sick being gone.

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