Sunday, December 18, 2011

A girl and her frog - and a triangle shawl

Esme still loves her Mr.Frog. It is the toy Daddy bought her at a garage sale way back when she was less than two - he looked almost 'new' then, and has seen a hard life. Recently, he has been nearly replaced by 'Cookie Rabbit', although he still is sometimes invited to tea or thrown into the air then returned to his place behind her pillow in her bed. Today, he got the privilege of sitting in a chair with her and watching a cartoon ... and she was counting his 'toes.'

I finished the triangle shawl a few days ago - here is Esme modeling it for you. It is almost a perfect fit for her... not so much for me but it is very warm across the neck and shoulders.

//Daddy saw me put on the shawl and pin it up. I turned to look at him and he was standing there staring at me, shaking his head and giggling. What? Mama is putting on a wool shawl to go downstairs and cook. *giggle* I was thinking how rare that would be to be actually happening ... Putting on a shawl to take a picture of the finished work - yes. Actually using it to keep warm during everyday activities? No... that makes too much sense. Ha. He knew I was an 'old soul' a long time ago ;)

I finished a lot of cleaning downstairs. The fabric is out of the washer now, it is various shades of blue similar to this old dress she is wearing. There are two other things to repair and a new pattern came in the mail. I'm pouring up a cup of coffee and going to look at what to make out of this fabric.

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