Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pink butterfly dress McCalls 7708 from 1965

This is what I got from the McCalls 7708 pattern copyright 1965, girls size 3. The skirt is so poufy! I did view 'D' without the sashing and back bow. I also shortened the skirt at the 'to shorten fold here' line, as I was worried about running out of fabric. I think that was a good choice, as it is plenty long enough. She really likes it and was naming off the colors of the butterflies 'green butterfly', 'yellow butterfly', 'blue butterfly' etc etc... I had the opportunity to wash it this morning and it seemed to come through just fine wash and dry, as well. The fabrics are a quilter's cotton print and a 50/50 polyester cotton blend for the skirt and lining.

I think if I were to do it a second time around I would tuck in the bodice more into the darts in the back - and eliminate some of the back skirt in that step, as well. It could probably use a lot less skirt all around - to be a bit more practical. I watched her play with a balloon while wearing it. Whether it is intentional in the pattern or my own mistake in sizing or execution, I can see some of the roominess around the front/back as practical in itself. It allows her to stretch and play without being bound by the garment. Even taking that into account - a little less in the back bodice would still give her stretch room but not be baggy.

Actual working time was probably about three hours, including tracing and cutting. In reality it was five hours from start to finish - including dinner, extra fiddliness to make sure I did something right and staring at the bodice facing for a half hour with a confused look on my face. Mark made a pizza somewhere in there and we watched 'Bedtime for Bonzo' on DVD - which Esme really liked parts of and Mark and I made a lot of comments about 'raising a little monkey' to each other back and forth.

McCalls 7708 copyright 1965
View 'D' is the top center.

I tried to use the gathering stitch on my machine but it did NOT I ripped out the few stitches there and took a hand-sewing needle to put the gathering thread through the entire skirt top evenly, then pull it gently into place all around while pinning it in. That was fiddly... but turned out with a fairly even result which was worth the effort.

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