Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wool Mittens finished and Workshop relocation

I finished the wool mittens I was knitting. I do still knit sometimes - but this is the first major non-dishcloth I've made in a long time. I bought a pair of gloves this season and they were coming apart on the first wearing! That made me motivated enough to knit something myself again. I say at least I know where the flaws are in these because I put them there heh...

Wool yarn bought from Knitpicks ages ago, size 3 DPNS, my own hands as pattern. The two aren't exactly the same and far from perfect but they are warm and fit my hands.

dropped stitches

I also knit this dropstitch scarf using some variegated Red Heart yarn and big needles. It has been keeping my ears warm while I wait in my cold vehicle for the manager to come open the store at 3 am. (open as in let us in to work, we don't open until 7)

Here is a picture of Esme goofing off.

Reminds me of a tiara, how funny!

She found this bit of plastic string in one of our boxes and I put it on her hair for a few minutes and let her see herself by taking a picture. She loves to look at the screen after a picture is taken - knows it was something that was just seen, like herself, a kitty etc... and is amazed by it. The string went in the garbage after playing with it.

I'm moving my workshop downstairs in our house. That will let us expand the area Esme has for a 'safe play' area and give us more room to upgrade her to a toddler bed sometime soon as she is outgrowing her 'stage 2' pen-like bed. She is getting so big, over 30 inches tall now! Someday that room the workshop is going into now will be hers, but not until I know she can go up and down the stairs without falling!

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mrspao said...

Those are beautiful mittens!