Thursday, January 08, 2009

Large Rag Doll

20 inch tall handmade rag doll. Experimenting with this further and will have some in the toy shop

Esme carried it around the house some yesterday, so she gets this one.

Innovative toys I've seen recently:
* Elvis Cthulu
* 6 foot Ugly monster dolls. Six foot tall.. wow what a project! No wonder they are over 500.00 each!
* Melissa and Doug Latches Board with lots of little brass latches and locks to undo. It says 3 years and up... but looks like an instructive toy.

* In the same thread, this 'zippers and buttons doll' is cute too. I remember teachers using something like this in our Kindergarten class when I was little. There is something like this at the store but it has lots of electronics on it that make noises and Mark finds those annoying.

Still on the night shift - will be for at least two more weeks. It's not fun getting up at 2:30, 3:00 in the morning. It's even less fun because Esme doesn't go to bed until around 8 usually... 10 if I'm very unlucky. I've got Valentine's aliens to start making but not getting too far ahead on that with Esme crying for me every time I get near the sewing table which is in her sight but out of her reach. If I've gotten some sleep the night before I can be happy and play games with Esme - but yesterday I was very tired and got somewhat irritated. The dogs have been underfoot and overly hyper lately as well, perhaps from the weather and schedule changes. I just wanted everyone to calm down, go to sleep etc etc so I could nap or at least collect my thoughts enough to do something constructive while I'm awake.


mrspao said...

Poor you. Hope that things get a bit easier. I love the look of that rag doll - you are so clever.

PaisleyJade said...

Love the rag doll!