Friday, January 16, 2009

Little things she does

At fourteen and a half months:

We were reading a book that shows a doctor using a stethoscope on a child in one of the stories. Esme has a Fisher Price stethoscope we bought at the flea market before she was even born. Since she got to have it for her play area she brings it to me and I put it in my ears and put the listening end to her chest and say 'I hear your heart boom boom boom.' She saw the page and pointed at the stethoscope - I told her it was a 'stethoscope, boom boom boom', and she went and dug in her toy box and found the stethoscope and was very happy about it.

She has taken an even greater liking to stacking things on/in each other. I found some boxes that open in different ways and she has been bringing them up and asking us to help her with them. It isn't a real word yet, but she is saying something the same way each time she asks, and it has two syllables. One box she can open but not close, and the other so far she can close but not open. She uses the same word for each request of 'help.' but it sounds more like 'open.'

She brought me my cell phone yesterday and said some three syllable babble question. I tried calling my mom and got no answer, so I said 'Not home' and put the phone down on the desk. She runs over to Mark's desk and grabs his phone, brings it to me and asks 'Daddy? and asked the babble word again too. It was surprising she understood that was Daddy's phone, and included that in her question to try making that one talk :) Mark has a box and a little dresser of computer parts near his desk too and I often say 'No, Daddy's' when she is going to get into it and that will stop her and maybe sometimes even send her looking around to find Daddy. Too bad 'Mommy's cup' doesn't have the same effect!

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