Sunday, October 21, 2007

Third Diaper, a little closer to a winner

Even simpler, and this fabric is much easier to pin
It was a little gappy in the legs, so I tried some elastic.

I'm really not good at elastic yet!
It needs to be on the inside of the construction (not like this),
so it doesn't catch Bazooka's skin.

Found this fitted diaper tutorial, that has elastic in the legs. It shows how to make a casing for the elastic, but I wish it was more detailed.

Somebody on an email group I joined suggested this wool diaper cover tutorial. The leg elastic instructions are a bit clearer here (and the contrast on the pictures is better, too). I'll try this on my current pattern and hope I've got the winner.

Materials used in this diaper: prewashed mid-grade muslin (not tightly woven) for less than 2.00 per yard, and one of the pack of cotton shop towels Mark's mom gave us. The shop towels were about the same size as 'prefold diapers', and are folded once-over and sewn in the center for the 'soaker' part of the diaper.

Jennifer gave me a treat!
Thank you Jennifer!

This is a tag, here is the info!:
The Trickortreat treat giving orginated with Anni, who's been giving out Halloween treats this month on her blog. The idea is if you are given this treat, that you post it on your blog, pass it along to others, but also provide a link back to the source, Anni!

I'll pass this treat along to Jeanne at K3tog, and the always sweet Mrs.Pao!


Jennynz said...

Hi there, I just found your blog while googling for baby clothes tutorials. Good on you for wanting to try cloth diapers! I'm a huge fan of cloth, I've had a lot of success with them and I am sure they are more comfortable for babies.

Can I suggest that you check out which is a New Zealand site all about cloth nappies (yeah, we don't call them diapers in NZ). The site has DIY pages with free nappy patterns to print and photo tutorials. There is also a busy forum with a community of lovely women (and a few men) who are happy to answer any questions.

There are also lots of crafty people on TNN, so its not all just about nappies. I was inspired to learn to knit and sew when my baby was born, due to encouragement from the TNN community :D

Personally I have about 30 homemade pocket fitteds for my toddler (they are a shaped like a pocket nappy, but unlike a pocket they are not waterproof and require a cover - I often use knitted soakers, shorts or longies). My nappies have an outer layer of cotton (sometimes craft cotton in a cute pattern, or flannelette/wincyette) and an inside layer of microfleece (which is stay-dry so no soggy cotton next to baby's skin). My favourite pocket stuffers are hemp or bamboo which is more absorbant than cotton, but sometimes I just use old flat nappies as stuffers.

I really hope you come over to the TNN forum and say hi, its a fantastic resource :)


RheLynn said...

Thanks JJ - I'll check it out!