Saturday, October 13, 2007

Long Busy Week!

We have had so many things to do this week -- above and beyond the things we normally do, that it has really worn both of us out! There were 'appointments' of some sort or other every day, and that on top of our normal shop work and mailing runs and computer tasks. But, we got a LOT done - and today is a well earned day to rest.

I'll be playing with the sewing machine some more today, off and on, maybe take a fourth stab at the lion pattern.

There is a gallery in New York that is holding a handmade toy show - and I've received an email invite to submit. Although I'm sure hundreds of others have received the invite as well, it was really nice to get one (especially since it isn't a 'pay to submit' type). Anything that sells at that show the artist receives back 60% of the price. Now, what to make? I've got about two weeks to decide and make what I want to send - which fits in pretty perfectly with Bazooka's impending arrival!

Black Cat Stuffies
I cut out a large batch of these one night when I couldn't sleep.. and they are slowly coming to life one by one...

Other news: We've been watching episodes of NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) which is a television series on DVD. I introduced Mark to it, and he surprisingly liked it. It has some very strong characters and surprisingly good science behind some of the cases, not perfect, but enough to know someone was trying.

The puppies are getting so big! Five of them could sleep in the big round food dish out in the yard a few weeks ago, and now only two of them fit at a time. Of course, they fight for that right ;) They're following the big dogs all around the yard, and we often get pained looks of 'The Puppies won't leave me Alone!!!' through the windows, and from more than their Mom. It's quite a sight to see the big male Great Dane with puppies nipping at each leg, and that expression 'Please? I'm suffering!' on his big droopy face.


stuffed said...

Aw, kitties! :0)

mrspao said...

Oooh cute black kitties!

Chris said...

Of course I love those. :) But they don't have little white lockets! ;)

Jennifer said...

Very cute kitties!

Anonymous said...

The kitties are really cute!