Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oh My Word - it's almost December.

Abby and Puck had a fight last night,
but today, they're friends again.
Abby's puppies are due around Christmas.

How did that happen? I'm definitely not ready for it to be almost December already... Luckily - we did push back our Minnesota trip this year to next February, because Mr.J's little sister is getting married (shock and fainting inserted here - the 'I will never ever get married' sister, yes that one). We all hope Bob can handle her ;o) *wink*

At the Office:
We have a meeting with a big-wig radio guy this afternoon at the workshop - that should be interesting. Once he gets over the ten dogs and the goat in the yard, then sees the data center (he says he's a geek... wonder what his reaction will be to 16+ servers and spare parts to build a dozen more)... He insisted on coming out to see us in person, so we're not going to put on airs for him. This is what we do and where we do it.

Linky time:
Jhoanna has a cool pencil/notebook holder tutorial over at her site - with pictures. She did a really great job with the step-by-step!

Hop Skip Jump blog has really cute bunnies posted! (toys)

Little Birds blog has a good idea for a draftstopper - we could use one of those at our house! Hmm.. yes I do have a bag of rice to spare and some fabric...

For Christmas: I've been stashing a few things in my cedar chest to send back home. My mom is slightly upset we won't be making it back for Christmas, but .. I think she understands. Driving 18 hours one way isn't an easy trip to make - or a cheap one.


RennyBA said...

Thanks for the reminder - oh yes: if one could save time in a bottle!?!

Good to hear that the dogs behave though and if everyone do it nicely up until the 24th, I'll send Santa all the way from Norway:-)

mrspao said...

Hope the meeting goes well!

I'm sure that Willow and Sally will be ever so pleased to have you around at Christmas!

Chris said...

Exciting!!! Hope the meeting went well.