Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mouse the Office Manx (Picture Day)

Swap Linky: Check out Lynn's Three Pin Shuffle exchange that she is organizing! It is three pins (to wear on jacket, coat etc). One is your state flag (if you can find it) or country flag, something from your region, and then something for fun.

For those of you who don't know - Mouse is our girls' big sister. She lives at the office, and has recently become an 'inside cat', originally much to her disdain. Now that it's cold outside - being inside is pretty cool ;o)


Kitty curl

Willow refuses to see the obvious resemblance...
Mouse and Willow don't get along well.

P.S.: For all of you who have sent words of support these past few weeks/month - thank you so much. It really has been uplifting and helpful to confide in you.

In other news: Willow and Sally go in for their 1st yearly check-up tomorrow. Mr.J wants to not use the cat carrier this time unless we absolutely need it.


Anonymous said...

Mouse is precious!!!

Jennifer said...

Not use a cat carrier? That's brave. My cats would wedge themselves under the car seats.

Lynn said...

Thanks for the Plug RheLynn. I really appreciate that.
Nice thing is that if one is creative they can probably smuggle it in a card envelope.

mrspao said...

Mouse is lovely :)

RheLynn said...

Well here we go - Hard for me to believe this officially means the girls are 1.5 years old! They're definitely not babies anymore :o( but luckily, they don't know that ;o)

Chris said...

Yikes - it would be ugly without the cat carrier... I have a story about two young children (my brother and I) who promised our mom we could hold the kittens... Kittens everywhere! On the brake pedal! Driving through the front yard trying not to smash the kitten on the brake pedal!