Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cats like Dressers

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We're back at work - trying to get caught up!
The girls had SUCH fun with the new dressers when they got in the house.


Jeanne said...

Drawers are fun. Who knew?

Chris said...

Hmm, are my cats deprived because I don't have a dresser?

Anonymous said...

I love kitty exploration expeditions! They are so intrigued by everything!

Lynn said...

I really didn't know what I was missing before we got our grand-baby kitty.
Did I tell you that she found a hole in the undercovering of the guest room boxspring mattress and climed in and it is her nappy place and hidey hole now?
Alex has a pic. I will ask him to email me it. Al and Amber took the video camera and I think they are going to make a video with Candy called head vs tail.
I think that you all made something good of a disaster. I think getting the furniture probably really made Jesse feel like he was not in too much of a slump being injured.
I am glad you are back to work. (and I bet it is now backlogged)
Thursday your care package goes in the mail. I expect you will receive it the middle of next week. I have a good price for my express mail and it is a three business day thing.
Hope you guys are ready for a surprise!