Sunday, May 21, 2006

Green Eyed Non-Kangaroo

Kangaroo making is hard! I'm not happy with this pattern either - so I'm going to have to go for draft #3 this week.

I tried HARD to save this little one's 'stuffed life' though - think a stuffed-animal version of ER (Nurse - pass me the green thread and the needle! Paint, I need Paint!)

So, what shall I do with her?
She would have to be just 'art'... probably wouldn't stand up to a lot of kid tugging, since she is a prototype.

Maybe I'll put her up in my shop for cheap and see if anyone wants to give her a home.

Thought of the Day:
After going through all of this prototyping, I run across so many other toys -- some so generic looking (I won't link, thought about it though) that they make me wonder if I should keep embroidering mine.. Some don't even have more for faces than a few lines and an 'x'... is that cute? I was heavily influenced by my grandmother's dolls.. and they all had hand-embroidered details and happy 30s and 40s looking faces, as if they had come from an old transfer, but they were always her own drawings.

This lady makes some nice dolls that have their own unique details.

Here is another site with wonderful historical patterns for both dolls and animals!


marcisenders said...

I think he is adorable! I love that the pouch is printed! I am still up for a swap, if you are! Just let me know! I would be happ to make another Stars and Stripes.

Carrie K said...

He's adorable. He does look a bit swinish, but he's 9/10 kangaroo. The pouch is great.

I love the embroidered details myself, but do what your muse tells you.