Thursday, February 16, 2006

Willow's Dream Come True

How spoiled is this? J made Willow's dream come true of being able to play with the fan 'danglies.' What are those called anyway? She sits on the drafting table and cries at the fan now. It is the cutest thing in the world, when she stands up on her hind legs and pretends she is tall enough to reach, paws kneading the air, until... no more balance, and she has to come down.

Survey: What is your favourite type of coffee (or coffee drink, or substitute etc)?

On Etsy.

And, watch out! Here comes an armed nuigurumi rabbit! He's grabbed all the pointy things on my desk and is ready for combat! Okay, I'm letting out a little steam about the work stuff ;o)

Softie Links :
These are cute in an...odd... sort of way.
An awesome dragon, is it knit or crochet?

Sally says: Why wouldn't you be taking a picture of me? What are these soft cushy things in my photo-shoot?


Chris said...

Look out for that rabbit! *experiences Monty Python flashback*

Ok, so now that Willow's lifelong dream has come true - what next?

The dragon has a fair amount of knitting, but the picture's so dark - there could be a few crochet bits, too. I think this crocheted cat is awfully cute, too.

RheLynn said...

I saw him too! The turned head is very different, and all the bright stripes!

Poor Willow :o( I don't know. She saw her mommy (Newt) today and she hissed at her. Newt will have new baby kittens (probably by the end of the week). Willow was devastated :o( She followed me around the house and stuck close to my lap for most of the work day.

Is Chaos treating the new roomie well?

Chris said...

Fortunately, Chaos is not attempting to get Girlfriend down from on top of the cds and play with her, as I fear he would shred her to bits...

Poor Willow!!

Laura said...

Oh, Willow's a dear! I used to do that very thing with my old kitty. Even as a full-grown cat she only weighed about 6 lbs, so it was easy. She really loved it if there was a big moth or spider high on the wall. I'd hold her up like that and we'd chase it. My current kitty is *way* to big for that sort of thing. LOL

Rhiannon said...

I like your armed nuigurumi rabbit, very threatening!!

Coffee... Mmmmm. Too bad it is nearly midnight. We just had a great game of dominos (Mexican Train to be exact) that I won!!

So my fave drink...

I have two, one for summer and one for winter.

Summer -

Tall (two shot) Iced Americano with Almond and Vanilla made in a Vente(sp?) (24 ounce) Cup. So Refreshing!

Winter -
ToffeNut Non-Fat Latte (with foam, not whip cream)

(At Home)
Vanilla Almond Rice Milk Latte (Double shot).

I tried to teach Kyle what I like so he could order for me. Not likely to happen anytime soon. I prefer it all best when made by me or someone who knows my tastes very well!

Have a great weekend!!!

RheLynn said...

laura: So we don't have the only spoiled kitty ;o) Your kitty sounds cute (and so small!)

Rhiannon: Those do sound good! You've hit on one of my favourite flavours already ;o) I love almond or caramel flavor, in a cafe latte with DARK roast coffee. At home, I just make do with my coffee, putting in various spices, cream, peppermint and vanilla.

Rhiannon said...

What type of spices? I would like to give some new flavors a try.

In the evening I love to drink tea, you also seem to drink a lot of tea (or is it just when you're sick). It would be fascinating to learn how to make my own teas! Any suggestions?

RheLynn said...

I am drinking my weight in black tea right now, with milk, lemon, honey, cinnamon and sometimes cloves. Green tea is good for you, and there are a wide variety of herbal tea mixes available.

To make different teas yourself (without actually growing the true tea plants, because that can be tricky, esp. with the oxidation part) just try different herbal mixes.

Learn a little about what different types of herbs do, and how safe/common they are --

ex. Ginger is good for the stomach and also, so I've been told, antiviral to a point. Cloves are traditionally a remedy for colds and toothache.. etc etc.. Rosehips are Vitamin C, Peppermint soothes the throat.

Then, when you know what things are good for you (and what to be careful with, like licorice), try what tastes good together!

As I said before, you can't go wrong with some vanilla, cinnamon and maybe one or two cloves added to black tea, or a ginger and chamomile herbal mix!

We have a local 'health food store and co-op' that has a whole wall of dried herbs at decent prices ;o)