Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Willow steals change!

I think Willow is saving up for tuna
here she is with a quarter in her mouth!

 Get well soon Chris!

Deutsche Gedichte (German Poems)
Gedichte von Novalis
  • Es färbte sich die Wiese grün...
    I couldn't find my favourite Novalis... but this is a nice one too, although I don't agreee with the last paragraph. The rest of the images are quite nice.
Gedichte von Ludwig Tieck

Remember you can use Babelfish when you need to.

Dual-Language Books from Amazon

Sorry if the Amazon thingies seem odd for me, but I really like these dual-language books. They have helped my translation immensely! (especially of poetry, which doesn't always follow the language rules)


Chris said...

Thank you! I am doing quite a bit better today - now must just resist overdoing it (which I did on Tuesday).

That is a hysterical picture of Willow!! Chaos will be jealous of Willow's tuna fun. :)

Thanks for the link to the lovely watercolor. And, duh - I hadn't even heard about the 10th planet.

RheLynn said...

I am glad you are better! You were missed ;o) And yes, please don't overdo it, Get better!

Chaos says he doesn't type Human well-enough to transcribe your blogs for you ;o)

Chris said...

Aw, thanks... :)

Can you imagine a keyboard designed for kitty paws?!

Peevish said...

That is beautiful! She is a lovely colour kitty!

RheLynn said...

Poor Chris! (3 to 5 migraines a month???) I won't try to complain as much about mine then! They came very often when I was a teenager, but now they are about three times a year.**knock on wood**

I think kitty keyboards would have way too many springy fuzzy squeaky things attached to it!

Peeve: Willowpede says thanks!