Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Living in Paris (TN)

Part II

A beautiful tree on the courthouse block.
Someone at work told me this is mistletoe!
I've never seen it (outside Christmas) before!

The Paris, TN Courthouse

Close-up of tower

Well, here is part two of the series, that means I just have the Eiffel Tower replica left to photograph ;o) I love that big tree, it is one of my favourite shots downtown, besides the courthouse. The coffee-shop has some neat pineapple-shaped cornices that might be of interest later.

Sally-Mander was attacking my
gardening hat from last year
when it fell onto the floor

One-Eyed bunny! Somebody call a doctor! ;o)
I'm in the process of remedying
this poor guy's vision problem.

We have another staff meeting tomorrow, and I've been working on code most of the night. Sally got out of the vehicle today, but luckily ran for the house door. It was pitiful to see her jumping (she is acrobatic) trying to get in the closed screen door :o( I was really worried we were going to lose her. I think we need to get a cat carrier now, and they are NOT going to like that...

We didn't get to go to the flea-market today, it was 35 degrees out. But, we did hear (too late) that some people did go. I was up till 2 am doing laundry and working on bunnies and dishcloths, so I guess it is good I didn't get up at 6 ;o)

Softie Links : Dacia Ray's pretty kitties
Weird looking owls,
amigurumi sheep!


Chris said...

You have quite the bunny and dishcloth factory going!! By the time you get to the flea market, you're going to have piles and piles and piles of things. :)

Bummer that the MUD had such a negative impact on school! But isn't that always the case when video games and school intersect....

Hope you get more sleep tonight! Looking forward to the Eiffel Tower replica when you get around to it. :)

RheLynn said...

Shh! - really, I'm in denial about how many I've made...

I'll say that the MUD was written in Pike, which is similar to C... and that maybe coding a 1000+room area and a fully-working alchemist laboratory system was more fun than factoring least common denominators!

We're baking banana bread and watching 'Run Silent, Run Deep.' Not sure how much time that will leave for sleep. 8o}

RheLynn said...

Geekery: Actually, when we coded on it, we called it LPC<--guide. J says that Pike is 'just about the same thing.'

Chris said...

Those owls are very very odd, but the sheep sure was cute!

Ladeewolf said...

Love the courthouse, It seems that most of the courthouses look the same. Our county courthouse looks almost identical to this one and the one in the next county over is the same way. Maybe I should take some pics of ours. p.s. I finished the big booga bag.

Carrie K said...

The Paris shots are gorgeous! Those bunnies are so cute, it's making me want to sew up a couple. I'm sure that your mother will take good care of hers.

Lucky you, that Sally-mander was there to quell the fearsome gardening hat beast!

And in answer to the coffee query posts ago, I'm boring. I like coffee, or a latte, or, in a wild burst of abandon, egg nog lattes around Christmas (which, coincidentally, is the only time I can lay my hands on them.)

Make tea? Would you have to grow the leaves and dry them? That sounds kind of fun.

RheLynn said...

linda: the courthouse in the town where I grew up was big, blocky, kind of yellow with black shiny glass. This is very refreshing to me ;o) If you do take pictures, I'd like to see them!

carrie: She sure tried hard! (to kill the hat), but luckily it survived. I guess I am more picky about my coffee, but I will drink what is available too.

So far, three of my bunnies are going on snail-mail trips!