Thursday, December 08, 2005

Some things about me

I saw this in quite a few places -- and thought I'd join in.
Maybe it will tell you a lot about me!

I like...
Yarn! (and wool in general)
knitted socks
the smell of Lemons
Ranma 1/2
Fuji apples
drawing in ink
working with my hands
some types of music - classical, rock and jazz
putting colours together
playing Scrabble
having long talks with my Mom
Coffee. Lots of Coffee.
knowing how to help
making something useful (and using it)
cloth with lots of texture
the sweet expression on a sleeping kitten
strong plain green tea
rugs on wooden floors
Asian-style grocery stores
good science-fiction and mystery stories
old Japanese-style architecture
getting real mail
black olives
antique/variety stores
sitting on the front porch with J in the summer
"knowing how", crafts and techniques for making things
using lots of different spices in cooking
the smell of the leaves in autumn
listening to 'A Prarie Home Companion'
small groups, not crowds
Akira Kurosawa films
brain food

my hands are cold to the touch
I clean like a madwoman
I worry a lot
I try to take on too much
it is interesting to study plants and rocks
you just have to figure out how something works
...even if it means taking it apart
I am anachronistic one day,
...then I write Python and HTML code the next.
my kittens run off with my knitting
my coffee is so strong 'it can get up and hit you back' (J)
I run into people walking too fast in stores/etc.
I stay up half the night
I don't eat enough to keep a bird alive (mom)

I don't like...
folding laundry
throwing away old letters
cleaning the microwave
when I run out of COFFEE
losing my keys
hot, humid weather
deep water
buying something I didn't need/use
crawling into the back of our truck to get things

In our house:
We sleep on a shikibuton on the floor, in a room in the center of the house.
We usually sit on the floor, although the desk and kitchen table have ordinary chairs.
We have long fabric curtains between the dining room and the main room, and between the dining room and the kitchen. We rent an old duplex that is laid out very strangely.
We have two cats who are very very spoiled.
One of us is vegan, and the other cooks for him ;o)

Here is more information about the shikibuton. We made ours by hand, and will soon be making a new one. We went to a mattress factory and picked up the queen-sized components, two different kinds of foam, and also a lot of cotton batting from a fabric outlet. We hand-sewed a linen cover around the foam and cotton layers, and placed the entire shikibuton on a hard foam base that split into three parts. The shikibuton is stored folded, against the wall in our main room, and lends itself also as a 'futon' couch. We are planning to visit Japan in about five years, and will learn a lot more about real shikibuton making there!

It took me several weeks to get used to sleeping on this type of bed - but now sleeping in normal beds is hard! It takes longer for me to fall asleep in 'soft' beds now.

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'PeachBelle' said...

Hey girl! I see where you like "putting colours together"...
Have you ever seen the website You might enjoy it...