Friday, December 16, 2005

The Long Road Home (and back)

heh, isn't that the title of a book? probably. anyway -- We are heading off for our long trip driving to Minnesota. We leave tomorrow morning in the wee hours, about 6 am. The kittens are NOT going to like this :o( We tried out the cat carrier in the borrowed car on the way home last night and heard 'mew, myar, let-me-out' all the way. Not to mention the little paws reaching out and rattling the door every few minutes.

J and I both agree it would be even more cruel to leave them alone, even with someone that would take care of them. We did have two good offers at the office where they would have been safe. It is 10 days though, and that is a long time in 'kitten hours'. Their habit of 'lets-go-find-them' whenever we go to another room is enough to know they would miss us terribly. When we have to leave them at home for a day, the food bowls are still mostly full -- even if it has been eight or ten hours before we return.

J bought harnesses and leashes for them last night. We can't let them roam free in the borrowed car. The cat carrier is large enough for them both to lie down and move around. Still, we will be letting them have some stretch time at wayside rests if they can bear the cold. I marked their collars with their names, our name and a Minnesota phone # that has an answering machine, just in case.

I hope to get a lot of knitting done on the way up. Most of our things will be packed by tonight. I stayed up till five AM this morning making our Christmas cards and trying to get the last of our gifts for the office ready. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what gifts we will give up North - I have a few painted canisters and time to knit a few small items. J wants to make cookies (vegan!) as soon as we get there. He plans to give cookies and peppermint plants for his family's gifts.

So, we are off on an eighteen-hour drive, with cats. Wish us luck, please? ;o)


Chris said...

Good luck!!!

The photos in your blog are gorgeous.

RheLynn said...

Thank you! Your kitty looks quite the handful too (or, bagful in one circumstance) ;o)