Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Ice and Snow finally gone

 The Ice and Snow have finally retreated - and all the roads are passable.  The last ''great snow storm" was 2016 (although there have been more since then) but it only lasted three days because it was so much warmer right afterward.  It took so long this time, a week to eleven days!

Knitting and crocheting, working on getting supplies again after all that being trapped in : working on washing clothes and towels and dog blankets after all that having to have the laundry taps shut off because of the freezing temps...

But, the chickens are happy.  They are out in the muddy yard enjoying sunshine and warmer temperatures and eating their food.  During several of these days they would leave their food in the bowl - a lot of them were just holing up against the cold and only coming out if they needed to (smart chicks)

This was their water first thing this morning after sunrise - still half a block of ice after being above freezing for more than a day - but it has melted by now.

Going to go out there and change it all over, wash down their platform with the hose, and show Esme some of the things that are already coming up in the yard and the garden - I saw kale out there volunteer from last year already, alive even after these zero degree temps!  It blows me away.  She said she didn't really know much about our heirloom garden project / property of Shepard Lane Garden, but then I asked her what this was, what that picture in a gallery was, where things are growing - and she knows.  She just doesn't realize how much she knows and that the knowledge is part of the heritage project, as well.  We've been identifying the different plants that grow on our prairie areas as well, and she knew a few of those or at least where that plant was and what time of year.

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