Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day wiith Octopus Vomit

Finished the Octopus Vomit blanket, which kind of doubles as a shawl.. depending on if you're reading on the bed and want to cover your knees or your shoulders.  It is warm.  The colors worked together as best as possible .. but the grey yarn (flea market find, two HUGE balls of it).. was really atrocious by itself.  So I went with the all out bright red (inspired by Esme's octopus toy, seen here) and threw in some other stash white and yellow bits to give it a logical pattern.

Happy Valentine's Day.  I gave Esme a little beanie baby red raccoon.. which she liked.  I have to go for my eye appointment soon - really need new glasses.  And I was going to make some carrot coconut ginger soup later today.  It's my only day off this week and I seem to have filled it UP... little goals sketched out on paper that I'd like to work on today.

And just a bit of a complaint / rant... about Pinterest.  I like Pinterest.  I love scanning through the pictures of things that are similar to each other in topics I am interested in.  And, I don't mind ads scattered in there if they have to.  BUT.. I hate moving ads.. and a lot of them want to move.  And I'm not on Pinterest to watch videos - I'm there for static pictures, so it is HIGHLY distracting.  It makes me want to scroll past anything that LOOKS like it might move - and definitely NOT pay attention to what is in the ad.  Just wanted to get that off my chest.  Pinterest advertisers - stop putting moving ads in our photo streams.  They are distracting in an AVOID LOOKING at that square way... which I believe, is the opposite of the advertisers intention.

Got my glasses appointment done, ordered the most impact-resistant frames and lens that would work for me.  They feel a lot like my current glasses - but with a titanium frame and a polycarbonate lens they ended up costing three times as much as the last pair...   Why do I need impact-resistant?  I downstock large boxes on lifts at the store and sometimes those boxes are not well-centered and come tipping towards me.  I've bent my glasses numerous times on smaller boxes like faucets and bath fans - but also one major time bracing for impact against a vanity cabinet.  The side of my frames got really bent up that day.  And then it didn't help that one time I sat on the glasses on the bed either - but that was after I had them rebent into shape the first time.  So it was nice to have 'bendy' glasses that could survive that.. but I was looking for a frame that maybe wouldn't be hurt by such things in the first place.

Picked up the canisters we ordered so we can make a 'dry goods center' for Esme to get pasta noodles without having to climb onto the cabinets, and to store a few things I've been using lately, like lentils and bulgur wheat.  They are washed and drying out on the countertop - probably should dry them overnight at least...or at least up until we go to bed tonight.  And I have the ingredients for the carrot soup and some yarn to try to make something I saw in the Welsh home decorating show.  We've run around town, did co-op, and grocery and more... glad to be home and done for the day :)

Soup.. maybe cornbread, and make a dishtowel maybe that I've had the fabric laying out for a week and haven't cut or sewn it yet... finish drying and folding the laundry and then organize so that the canisters are easy to use.  It's been a very full Thursday.

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