Saturday, February 09, 2019

Fried banana pudding and Cannellini bean soup

I've had my eye on a new cooking magazine at work and bought a copy last night.  I've already experimented with things 'like' the recipes that are in it, stolen from glances etc.

The other night I made a version of the chickpea soup that turned out wonderful.

/////////////////////////---- dinner ---

Cannellini Bean Soup
Use a pot deep enough for soup.
Cut up one onion and sauté it in butter until it begins to get soft.
Turn down the heat and puree one can of cannellini beans (drained).
Spoon that sticky mixture into the onions and stir, cooking it a little but not burning it.
Pour in one and a half bean cans worth of chicken broth, and stir well.
Add oregano, paprika, salt and pepper
Add either a small handful of baby spinach or a few tablespoons of canned greens.
I added a few tablespoons of mashed potato powder to thicken it up.
The paprika should settle out in a few minutes.

This soup was great with rye bread for dipping into it.  The potato flakes gave it a 'potato soup' feel but with healthier ingredients (instead of cream and potatoes).. the turnip greens really gave it a good flavor addition to counterbalance.  I have a certain Catahoula dog (definitely not a vegetarian) who enjoyed this immensely with me.

/////////////////// ----- and breakfast ---

This next one was supposed to be fried bananas caramelized and then put into a batter and fried... well.. I got away from myself a bit and moved too fast - but it still turned out delicious.  I'll probably even do it again.  Although, I'll try to move slower next time and see if it turns out 'proper'.

Fried Banana Slices or more likely.. a 'Pudding'
One banana cut up into thin slices.
maple syrup
a bit of butter
1 egg
a little milk
a little flour
a dash of salt
a dash of cinnamon
(maybe I should have added baking powder, but it didn't say to)

Heat up the butter in the pan
Dip the bananas in the maple syrup and fry in the butter until they begin to caramelize.
Mix up the batter, (egg, milk, flour, salt, cinnamon)
Remove the bananas onto another plate, dip each into the batter and return to the butter frying up each piece.

What I did wrong : I ended up just putting all the caramelized bananas into the batter at once - where they stuck together and began to cook the batter.. and well.. I just poured the whole thing back in the pan and cooked it as pudding.  I put it as a topping on some oatmeal I had made on the side, and it was amazing.

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