Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Celery Coriander Dumpling soup

I like this 'look in my cupboard and decide what goes together' thing I've been doing lately... its much nicer than a 'diet' and although I'm ending up eating a lot of high-fiber foods, I think there were vitamins I was missing.  I've been feeling really good the past few days energy-wise.  At work, I get up and go and do a bunch of things all at once like I did years ago, putting up sinks, vanities, up and down the ladder putting up faucets in the right places, getting down product in the rough section (pvc parts and faucet lines and wax rings etc)... things that the past year or so have really felt more and more taxxing and I tend to do them in little bits instead of hour long jags.  I don't think it has just been the cold weather - but a bit warmer does help.  If only the rain would calm down a bit.

Anyway.  Thinking more, too.  Doing the Welsh and the Japanese - the Japanese is percolating more, and watching the Welsh television shows with more and more understanding.  Crocheting the blanket - almost done... pic when done.  Thinking about setting up a new weaving frame again to reproduce some pillows I saw in a 'Dan Do' episode.

Celery and Coriander chicken broth dumpling soup

ingredients :

black pepper
garlic powder
cayenne pepper powder
celery seed
curry powder (Hot Madras)

1 whole egg
Purple Hull Peas (canned)
Greens (spinach, turnip greens, mustard, kale etc)
Frozen or fresh red peppers and onions

1 pot with no cover, 1 small mixing dish, tablespoon

process and notes

-- at the broth point I was looking and looking for a can of sweet green peas to do this idea up with - but I didn't have any.  So, after finding a can of Purple Hull Peas, I added the cayenne pepper and coriander to cater to that flavor instead - and it all ended up really good.  If I hadn't done the purple hull peas I don't think I would have went so spicy... maybe basil or oregano?

Chicken broth, about 1 cup?
garlic powder
black pepper
paprika (I use the opposite 'handle' end of a spoon to measure this, and used two 'ends')
celery salt

bring to a boil, then even the temp out to hold hot

in a separate bowl, mix the dumplings like this:

     I put some water in half of the flour until it was the right texture, then added the rest of the flour and folded in the egg.  I ended up putting a bit more flour in to make the texture right again - so do it to feel.  Add black pepper and curry powder (dash) to the dough, which should be the consistency of a drop biscuit recipe

form tablespoon amounts and drop them into the broth, stirring only slightly.. we want to cook the dumplings and keep them from sticking to the bottom of the pan, but not break them up.

Add a handful of frozen peppers and onions
Add three to five tablespoons of purple hull peas
I threw in the last two tablespoons of turnip greens I had left over and needed using

Add more black pepper, a good dose of cayenne pepper and some coriander

The dumplings should be cooked through and pour up the soup into a jar or bowl
This tastes a lot like my Chinese Spice Cabbage - same type of spices - and I can't wait for dinner tonight at work to eat the rest of it :)  The dumplings are melty bread that is so very comforting and the vegetables give it a good healthy mix of flavors and textures.

This is only enough for one.. because it is an experiment recipe.  But, it could easily be stretched out to make a full meal!  If I was making a much larger batch I think I would use more broth and let the (fresh instead of frozen) vegetables mix and simmer out into the broth for a while before adding the dumplings as the last step, a few minutes before serving.

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