Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sweet Jordans in Paris, yarn and the bits

We had an afternoon out, Grandma and Esme and I, at the new bakery/deli in Paris  TN.  It is called Sweet Jordan's, and was started with a lot of community involvement to help provide jobs for people with special needs.  The location and the building are awesome, large, spacious and very inviting.

We had their special, and I was really happy to get soup and sandwich together - that is hard to find at anything less than a traditional restaurant.  Sometimes, at a well established 'traditional restaurant', greasy spoon all the way up to 'family dining'... I feel like I'm invading someone's cherished space, some tradition what have you... and I'm not sure if we can 'attend'... but I didn't get that feeling - more like a chain restaurant that was not a chain, but had the same 'anyone can come in' atmosphere.  It felt like you could come and go or sit down and enjoy, there was so much space and a variety of different sitting arrangements for different groups.

 There is a children's playplace that has been lovingly created, as well, to resemble a downtown street with shops, and a separate place with chairs and couches that Grandma said looked 'perfect for book club meetings.'

The pink is for a cowl for Esme, to see if she likes that more than a scarf.
The other is 'REEF' color in Red Heart, for me.. I guess as sort of a Christmas present.  I'm not sure what I'll make with it yet.  But it caught me... so I guess I have to find a pattern or at least an inspiration to try to knit.

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