Saturday, December 02, 2017


It had been a hard couple of days for me - the plumbing work we did that one night, then the stress and headache from Esme getting in trouble at school - then I spent four hours working on the mural at work.  I fell out about 7 pm last night... woke up 2 and a half hours later to a phone call that my father's mother had passed away.  I had believed she had passed away (I'm not sure how I thought this, maybe something MY mom had told me that I misinterpreted or...) more than twenty years ago.  I was surprised when my father and stepmother visited several years ago that they told me she was still alive then.  My cousin said she was 86 years old.  I'll pass it on to Esme today, even though she didn't know about her.

We were going to make holiday cards today, or tomorrow.
She's taking the 'no computers' pretty well, rereading her Minecraft books, playing with toys, skating and she is allowed to watch her videos on her DVD player.  She said she apologized to the teacher at school - I hope she did.  Although, what she 'did' wasn't as serious as it could have been the added aggravation of not bringing home the notes and having to contact the parents to prove your point etc...

And she brought home all A's on her report card.. hardly anything even in the small assignments under 85 (and they drop the lowest each term). 

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