Wednesday, November 29, 2017

plumbing team

We had to do some plumbing today after I got home from work - luckily it was my short day, and it was above 60 degrees.. so we busted tail and got it done just after sunset.  It seems to be holding up and we have all the water back on again.  This was the pipe from our well to the house, and the other day we had noticed the ground was really wet all around where the pipe passed from the well to the house, right where we had taken out an old hydrant years ago.  That joint had failed after time - probably because it was so cold when we did it - and needed to be cut out and replaced.

Between Mark and I we got the hole dug, cleared out, the pipes cut, measured, glued and checked.  We each have our strengths and weaknesses.. but we get it done (and don't complain about it for years afterwards).  That 's a good team.

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