Thursday, November 16, 2017


Not sure if my Wicket chicken is gone... went out there and couldn't find her.  The wild one, Gennet, was still there, and she is the one who can fly.  Not sure.. we'll see.  Was talking with Esme about what to bring to the Thanksgiving food drive at work.

Reading a new series like Outlander - Timewalkers.  I'm enjoying it.

I had a dream that our home improvement store sold drawing kits and individual pencils and papers.  That would be so nice if it did... I should sit down and make another drawing some night but I just can't find the time to focus in.  I did a handmade Christmas card to send to a boy in the news.. and that took me a few days to get myself organized enough to sit down with paper and pens and do it.

I've been closing every night for the past two weeks (or almost every night), but this is the last night of that.  It's felt like we were all just ships passing.. coming home, falling into bed, getting Esme up for school -- go to work and don't see her again until night again.  Now we'll have the stress of Black Friday coming up but I have schedules with two or three days on and a day or two off.. which will bring back more sanity (read: introvert needs to recharge)  I hope.

I need that downtime to let my brain expand and branch out into the many things I've been shoving back for 'later' - like drawing, math, science, time.....   I try to remove all that to the background but it is a type of stress to do that time and time again in favor of only what is in front of you and must be done right now.  I'd never do well at an assembly line job.  These past two weeks I've felt like I was  getting that long-yard stare of the android that hasn't been charged properly....can function on some level but not as I should be.

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