Monday, November 20, 2017

bits before Thanksgiving

A few bits.  Esme has no school the rest of this week after tomorrow.. that will be good.  I've started some Christmas shopping, taking advantage of a few offers I saw and using gift certificates I've collected.  I got Esme's big gift today using one of those, and paid less than half the sale price doing so.. which was amazing.  I hope she takes good care of it and uses it carefully, as it is a  tool and she will need to be careful, but she can make some awesome things with it, too.

I'm making apple crisp for  Thanksgiving, and I have Wednesday off, so that works out really well.  Mark says he has the meat covered, and a few potatoes and such for sides. 

I'm sharing my not large chair with a liquid gooey cat that is draped all over and around me... she's warm but still it makes it tough to move *heh*

My big chicken Wicket was gone - I found her feathers all over the back of the garden - something crawled up into the fence and took her, and fought with her all the way through the garden and over the back fence.  That was all that was left of her for me to see -- big handfuls of broken feathers.  Sad... maybe next year we will fence a bit better and a bigger place and try fresh with some friendly type chickens.  Maybe we'll just do something else.  She was a pretty Rock hen chicken... *sigh*

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