Wednesday, December 28, 2016


The new year is coming.  And some part of me is bringing up the 'the most ideal thing is an empty room' feeling again when I get stressed.  As in, everything put away, clean and organized will help... but it doesn't.  I've grown a lot in the last decade.  So, some actual thoughts and goals, instead of the unhealthy ideas.

Books!  I have lots of books to read... but that time isn't always on the board. I have really enjoyed reading this past year because I've not really set any goals, just grabbed the next thing that looked like a good *cheap or free* read when I finish the last thing.

 Knitting - have several projects out there and could work on them some.  I made some progress on the big blanket and added a few rows to my shawl so that it ties behind my back.  The Christmas yarn is coming along nicely will probably need one more of those to make that shawl/scarf piece useful once it is done.

Sewing - My table needs to be organized again... make use of scraps.  I have my embroidery project finally dug out again and maybe I can get something done on it before it gets ruined.  On second thought I should just put it away.  I need to reduce but then I can never find what I want to complete a project either... admittedly not always because I don't have it- but sometimes that is the case.  I feel the urge to buy another yard and a half of fabric and make new pillowcases again.

Writing: Been getting there.. doing more of it. 

Diet - Holiday food has been too tempting.. so much food.  What happened to vitamin C and vegetables?

House: Clean.  Organize.  Throw stuff out.  Time is a limiting factor but that is when I categorize it as 'free time that I don't feel exhausted or already planned for something else in.'

Garden - To do or not to do?  Should I start seedlings, look at seeds.. or decide that the garden probably will not work out and let it lay fallow for an entire year like we had discussed doing (and didn't) last year.

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