Monday, December 26, 2016

Boxing Day

The acrylic yarn Mark and Esme got for me for Christmas.  I'm working it up in a seed stitch.

Some cleaning up.  We braved town a little today.  Mark wanted orange juice, and I wanted to get some fabric for a baby gift.  Esme was all into activities this afternoon once we got back, Frisbee and Minecraft.  I had a few bouts of vertigo again (had one yesterday but it went away and didn't return).  Frisbee and picking it up off the ground over and over did it.  But, finally sat down and got out the little burp cloths I had decided to make.  Might make something else tomorrow - the baby has a toddler brother that will be left out, otherwise.

Mark gave all the dogs their baths - quite a feat.  Nova was NOT wanting hers.. but we finally found her and she grumped through the whole thing.

Started on the second book of the Murray series by Hannah Howell.  I have a few other things downloaded, too.  I have one more day off then work until the weekend.

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