Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Our truck is at the shop

Last night when we were driving home from the grocery st ore our truck was making an awful crunchy sound.  Mark thought it might be about to throw a wheel bearing, and the potential consequences of that really scared him.  So I didn't go into work today - and the truck is at the mechanic.  We still haven't heard back from them.  Yikes.

Esme is home from school.  She says she has a dozen friends and would like us to call some little girl's mother for a playdate (although we haven't got a phone number yet).  She has a line in the school program coming up to memorize.  Early this morning, she was worrying over getting a 'B' in reading.

In other news we tried to use the local Kroger for more than just the sale items, as we didn't want to have milk and frozen stuff in the car waiting between trips.  It was sad - they were out of so much, and it was the middle of a Tuesday afternoon.  We learned our lesson on that.  It's a sad one, as people often say that Walmart ran out the little stores on low prices... going somewhere and they have completely empty shelves of bologna or cottage cheese... that was a 'real world scenario' we hadn't had to face in a long time.  The disappointment was pretty deep.  So, we will probably not be going back there much unless something is really appealing, and then as a side trip on a slack day, not as a grocery trip.

It was strange not being able to go into work today.  I had to call and ask someone to fax an order for me, as I couldn't get there to do it.  I downloaded a few books, read a chapter, wrote a few more articles on Niume today (and Mark read some of my previous ones)... Mark says I should post the articles I write there at the end of these posts - to keep it all together.

When the Words Wouldn't Come : Expressive language delay

A recounting of what it was like working through Esme's language issues when she was little, how it affected us both and how as a family we finally sought help and got her tested.  Back then I was kind of at my wit's end.  In my opinion, what the testers told us, and the speech therapy they provided really helped.  Mark says he doesn't remember it being so stressful... but it was.  I teared up just trying to write this article.

Photo Essay : Knitting Continental Style

A picture study of a continental stitch, and a bit about how I started knitting in the first place.

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