Monday, October 24, 2016

bits of reading and birthdays upcoming

First off, I'm really, really glad I had started that Amazon program when I did... because we have a good collection of birthday gifts set aside to wrap for Esme, and the time is drawing near.  The reason that is first on my list is because of the truck repair - it was a lot - and if I had been left trying to buy birthday presents with money (and not Amazon gift cards), we might not have had it.  So, I'm grateful.

And I'm philosophical on what I'm reading.  Not the actual book... because it's kind of a silly one (Bay of Sighs, Nora Roberts), but because I've given myself a short amount of time to read it.  I should renew it.  But I might have it done.  I might be starting to read as a competitive sport with myself.  This does not even mention the three other books on my Kindle that I've started bits of and put off for later (after this book is returned), or the three other ones beyond that which are downloaded and waiting...

I wrote a Niume article on it:

How does deadline, font size and other issues affect how much you want to read a book?  How does it affect how you feel about the book once it is done?  Why do I do these things to myself?

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