Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Esme is on a trip to a museum with her friend today.  I have to work late, so I'll hear all about it tonight.  Some more of her birthday things arrived today.  I've been writing some literature posts over at a new site, and have been trying to break out of my rut by doing so.  I'm thinking of lots of things I can tie together from books I have read, and have a few more on my list that I need to find copies of.  That really makes my reading list quite a bit longer than it has been in a good while.  I've gotten a bit more than halfway through 'Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet', by Jamie Ford. I'm enjoying it, but  have to wear my glasses to read it because the print is a little spidery and small.  I have several books waiting on my Kindle (which I can turn the font size up on) after that.  Getting through the fifth book of Outlander - Claire just amputated Jamie's finger in a gory descriptive 'shiver in your bones' chapter....

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