Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Took Lucy and Freckles to the vet this morning for spaying.  We bought three chickens yesterday morning at the flea market, but only two of them survived the night -- not sure what happened to the smallest one, but oh ... poor thing was dead this morning in the chicken house.  That puts us at four total.

Went out to the garden and planted all the rest of the seedlings - Hungarian wax peppers, roma tomatoes - not great seedlings but we'll see if any of them catch.  The three Roma seedlings I put out first have all done well, but the next two had died... put up a sunshade over this batch to see if that will help them for the first few days.  Also planted the cleome and borage seedlings - the comfrey had died.  Planted the painted lady runner beans and the morning glory (dwarf ensign).  I really like the cosmos have come up so well - they should be red, and pretty.

Have to work tonight, and friends due for fishing tomorrow if all goes well.

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