Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Navy dress with pockets and Alice in Wonderland

This was an endeavor last week that was finally finished last night. It is still hard to get a picture this time of year with the morning light in my workshop - so I hung it up outside on an old tomato cage on the porch ;) Very woodsy, eh? I am hoping to convince her to wear it to town today.

These dresses (both pictured) were actually made with Simplicity 8714, altered and without the sleeve pouf. I decided to leave out the back darts and they fit her much better without them.

Simplicity 8714

I really hope the coat pattern comes in the mail today. The USPS tracking said it was sorted Friday in Memphis and then nothing until this morning it notified me it was sorted for delivery at the local post office! YAY! That is some progress!

LATER: The pattern came in the mail! All the pieces were there. The seller said she did not know if they were and had not checked. Usually that makes me not consider the pattern any further - but I really wanted that long sleeved coat! And I'm glad I took a five dollar chance on it, because it is complete with instructions. I cut it out during Esme's bath and am now halfway through a prototype dress to see how the yoke works on Esme. It is made out of the remnants of her last two dresses. The instructions have a very interesting (for a sewing geek) way of lining the sleeves and bodice. Blue dress made from 8668 is at this post.

8668 Simplicity size 4 coat and dress pattern

Esme is wearing the navy dress now after her bath and it fits really well! I caught some really cute pictures of her outside earlier this afternoon playing with the dogs and pretending she was Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She was walking along with all the dogs on the edge of a bern and I said she looked like 'Alice in Doggieland'. I asked her if she was my Esme or an Alice - and she said 'I'm an Alice TOO!', pointing to herself. Then she was trying to remember everything about the movie and play bits of it. She got a big stick and went 'da da de da! *something something* for the Queen! AHHH the Queen run run run!' She pretended to play croquet with a stick and a can, and to get me in on the act as the Queen... She was singing songs from several different movies she knows, and asking the white rabbit where he went and running around the yard looking for him.

I told her she looked like Alice in this picture

on the bern with the dogs

with Mischa and Nova
sticking her tongue out pretending she is a dog

Big smile at being outside!

Run after the white rabbit

Point at the white rabbit!
He went back that way!

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