Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Heartbeat and blue dress

Esme playing with the stethoscope this morning. This is one of the 8668 dresses, in blue. I do like the pattern. It is very long, but not constricting.

8668 Simplicity size 4 coat and dress pattern

A note for the future: A few nights ago I found a talent I did not know I had - imitating Mickey Mouse for Esme. Now I'll never live it down. They say what you do to your parents comes back to haunt you. My dad did a good impression of Donald Duck. I can just barely remember begging him mercilessly to do the voice. The circle comes around.

Esme: You a Mickey Mouse! No Mom. Mouse. See Mickey Mouse! Please Mickey Mouse? Mouse, come Mouse you got a tail and ears!

Also: Also, thank you Miss Florence for the popcorn :) Esme is enjoying it since daddy came home this morning with it.

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