Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stretch a half yard, and garter stitches

Esme is a terrible crank today. She doesn't want something, then she does, then she screams and cries anyway - and is just in a generally disagreeable mood. We were about to go to town, but then my appointment got moved at the last minute and it began to rain. So now Daddy and Esme are staying home and of course that has made her furious right at the point she was starting to perk up. *sigh* And I still have to go out in this to the appointment.

I made this dress last night, and it is stretched out of one half yard of print and some scraps of red solid. The back of it has the print going horizontal, and the front going vertical. In her bad mood, of course, Esme said she didn't like it. She said it is 'chew ball'...? That is what it sounds like, but I do not know what she actually means. She has told me that about her red duck in the bathtub lately, as well, and put the white duck in my hand instead pushing the red duck away.

It has pockets, too

I did get her to put it on after her bath and she seems to like it and the pockets. But she would not take her blue dress off before the bath, 'just chew ball'. *roll eyes*

It was hard to get all the long pieces out of the print, but I finally devised a way to do it. This was all that was left of the half yard of print after I was done. That was an accomplishment I can brag about ;)

This is the garter stitch 'throw' blanket that I've started on a circular needle. Who knows how big it might get to be... but I'll plug at it a bit with these skeins of variegated yarn I have left from something a while back.

And this is what the dress looks like on Esme.

She was in a good enough mood to earn a trip to see her Grandparents, but when Daddy had dinner ready she was a crank again and had to be drug out of the truck here at home. She did eat pizza and then more of Daddy's pizza, too.

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Jaime Mclean Dalrymple said...

I think the dress is adorable. I have to laugh at this post, because we definitely have those days around here. In fact, there must be something in the air down here today. Carter was a crank today too and threw an epic tantrum this afternoon. It was actually so dramatic we had a hard time keeping straight faces. We thought he might feel cooped up so we took him for a walk and then half way home (and on a busy road) he decided to start pulling away and sitting in a ditch. Sheesh. Then tonight he started singing "Where is daddy" to the tune of "Where is Thumbkin" and I had to forgive him.