Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pups, blanket and blurry smiles

Nova's puppies are a few days old now
not quite a week

Esme begged to have her picture taken with the flash, as well - 'see a little girl mom! see a little girl!'. Her eye is watering - hope she isn't getting a cold from all this wet cold weather.

New patterns for Esme and I

I've been working on this blanket during lunch hours,
making good progress. It is 17" now (by 48 wide)

I caught this picture of Esme this morning, and although it is very blurry, I couldn't bring myself not to post it. The crooked smile in the little angular chin. She is really becoming more of a little girl and the pictures show it - hardly any toddler look left to her at all.

She shows a lot of her Daddy here, long nose, pointy chin, 'Spock' eyebrows. And a general look like she is about to get into something and cause mischief. (his observation on that last bit!)

We are invited to a crafty ladies party tomorrow in the morning, at the house of a former coworker. As far as I know Esme will be the only child but she said she definitely wants Esme to come, chase her cat, and see all the different things the ladies are making.

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Michelle said...

She is looking very grown up now. :) Love the puppy pics- they remind me of a dog I had growing up.