Saturday, March 12, 2011

bit of breather

This has been a hard week at work! It seems like every day there are complicated tangles and crises to solve. And tomorrow I get a day off, although there is a sewing lesson scheduled back in town. *sigh* It would be nice to stay home, as I do not get another day off until the next Friday.

Esme had a great time out and about in the yard and forest with Daddy and also down to the lake and back with Grandpa. She told me about the 'truck with hoses' that was parked up our driveway, a pressure-washer setup from the logging crew next door.

I have not had time to work with any fabric all week, but I have been knitting on a throw blanket type thing with some remnant yarn skeins. Also, I won the Alice book on Ebay for Esme :) The kittens are getting bouncey and coming out to say hello to everyone now. I have to look around for them every morning.

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