Saturday, March 26, 2011


Esme is holding her flashlight toy over her grandma doll and telling her to sing. She was doing that the other day, too - having her kitty toys sing Pinocchio song 'I've got no Strings' under the 'spotlight.' She's a funny girl. She was pretending to sleep in our bed with us this morning - but because she wasn't really sleeping she was putting her fingers on my eyebrows and nose and tracing the scar on my cheek and asking me if it ow'd etc.

Nova dog had seven wriggly puppies last night. They are making a LOT of noise. Combine that with the hopscotch attack-your-ankles and get underfoot kittens Mitzi gave us last month and we have a very very FULL house. The pitter-patter scurry scurry wiggle wiggle SCREECH MEOW WOOF of little feet.

I bought Esme a rabbit toy at the drugstore yesterday when I got cough drops on lunch hour. I have hid it in the empty cookie jar downstairs - and nobody tell her! I want to see if she will find it before Easter. Either way it will be a grand surprise somewhere between now and then.

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