Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bits and Simplicity 5989

It's Wednesday. I have Friday off and it doesn't even seem like I've had the last few days at all. I had some dizziness on Monday which pretty much wiped that day clean - spent it in bed et al. Those used to happen quite often but since Esme was born it is very rare - surprised me and was a bit humbling. Last night I took some time at the sewing machine and dropped a screw down into the casing - spent an hour and help from Mark to get it back. But it is back together now and half of a jacket for me is sewn and waiting for the sleeves to be set in.

I'm hungering for those two days off next week - doesn't seem like we'll get there quickly! Esme is still asleep and I need to get ready for work. Been looking at a lot of fabric online, trying to think of what to use in my stash, and won this pattern on Ebay:

Simplicity 5989
circa 1960s

I can see Esme being happy to have several of these in light-colored fabrics for the upcoming summer months. I am interested to see the instructions for the bottom ruffle. Sewing geek burns eternal!

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