Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simple fabric I want, but cannot find.

periwinkle with small dots

I went to the store yesterday and did not see anything like this. I ended up buying no fabric at all, because when nothing reaches out and grabs me (like the green fabric that is similar to this and is already made into a dress) it means I have to look harder or use what I have. And I do have quite a few scraps, just need inspiration to put them together otherwise.

I also wanted something non-solid in a sunny or nearly goldenrod yellow, and saw nothing there that I liked, either, except one print that was Easter chicks and would not be seasonal for very long! I would need at least a yard of either to make a dress. I have all week of work before I get to do anything with fabric, anyway... *sigh* But it will come. Up until then I just keep knitting about a dishcloth and a half each day at work.

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jtatiana21 said...

you know, I can relate to your frustration, I am looking for a striped navy and white fabric and I can’t find it either. I have been looking over a year now, with no luck. I can find red and black but no navy.