Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Spring is here and we have a few big projects we need to take care of, as soon as we can get it all together. But I always have little plans going on. By making things in the household I feel a little less stressed during my work week. There is 'something' of me there that can try to fill in gaps. A blanket or a sweater, Esme saying proudly she has a 'pretty dress' or scarf etc... It inserts both a 'warm fuzzy' feeling and a sense that there are some comforts I can provide that are not just the 40 hour work week, something beyond that. Something money can't buy, that requires time and skill and love. Something that can be touched and remembered over the years. It is hard to explain. But whatever it is I am trying to say, knowing that facet of me is here and visible at home beyond the 'mama go to work' is comforting to me both when I am home and when I am away.

I told Mark last night that I felt guilty for tacking on to our list a few already planned yards of fabric for Esme dresses and a skein of yarn to finish a project. I would like to get Esme another large drawing tablet as well. He laughed and said 'Don't worry, that is cheap (under 10.00). Just keep me out of a book store. There are NASA space programs that are cheaper than me in a book store.'

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ElizabethEK said...

Love it. I am with you all on that one -- me in a book store = disaster.