Thursday, March 03, 2011

not much of a bit and a bob (literally, a bob)

Two days here at work, both 'earlier' shifts. I bought some green cotton on the way home in a pastel color to make another of the 8668 dresses. The blue one she was wearing last night and most of today is doing very well on her. The green cotton was also very very soft. I didn't go there looking for green - but when I touched it I knew it would make a nice swishy summer dress similar to the blue cotton fabric. Esme and I made Nana Josie a yellow construction paper butterfly for her birthday this Sunday. It will arrive at her house late even if I send it out tomorrow - but I also printed pictures to put into the envelope. I cut the butterfly out and drew a face on it and Esme drew circles and spirals and squiggles all over the wings. Then I cut out a red heart and put some glue on it and she placed it on the butterfly. When she was in the bathtub floating around in her green ring toy I took a second swipe at cutting my hair. It isn't too bad, not as good as last time. I had more 'even' to start with last July and I kept getting interrupted by 'you gonna cut your fingers' and 'ow ow ow you alright?' from the bathtub peanut gallery. Then she broke the tail off her white horse toy (plastic molded thing) and had a crisis about that. Now she is asking me for yogurt and watching Willow that we need to send back in the mail for Grandma.

We watched Willow and Esme was fine with it up until the transformation to pigs (worried, not scared) and she was VERY interested in the 'grandma' coming from a 'no turtle it a grandma, a turtle a TIGER a grandma' etc. She really started paying attention when all the 'boys' were laughing at Willow and the 'grandma' standing alone in the field and she was sad for them they were going to get hurt but I promised her the other people had turned back to people and they were hiding in the ground with their horsies. She was happy to see them come out and help the grandma and Willow. Then when the 'bad witch' and the 'grandma' were fighting and the baby was crying and Willow was being chased by the monster robot she was scared again and even wanted us to 'all go sleep now - no save the baby all go sleep!' But I told her it would all be okay and when they did save the baby she was 'we did it - yay hurray (arms in the air) we saved the baby good job!' *giggling*

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