Friday, March 18, 2011

Brown shirt

This is the shirt jacket I made for myself last week. This has been stashed fabric since our trip to Murray. It is a Civil War reproduction fabric. It is the same kimono type pattern as the gray and red 'bravest dragon' jacket I made last year and am still wearing as a lounge jacket around the house. It is comfortable and I think it will wear much better as it gets washed and softens up. There is a lot to alter on the pattern... bit by bit I'll make it what I want it to be. I put a lot of extra buttons on it and two straps so the front can be worn several ways closed or open with the straps tacked back to inside buttons. (see below)

button straps

shirt laid out
looking very much like the kimono pattern it is from

I meant for it to be a long-sleeved shirt, but miscalculated the amount of fabric :(

Pictures would be much better without as much dog butt in them... but they don't seem to take the hint and are always finding ways to get in there. It is bright outside and I am not used to it, thus the terrible squinting. It is hard to work indoors during the light hours of the day!

I took Esme to town today and we stopped by Mockingbird Threads, the Huntingdon fabric store again. Esme was a good girl there, which was surprising considering her behavior last time! I bought a few yards of blue summery fabrics for Esme dresses and a fat quarter of something bright purple which I hope to get at least the top bodice out of a dress for her. She was very good until she was getting hot sitting out in the sun eating her french fries and didn't want to get back into the car into her carseat. Two other little girls had just arrived as we were getting ready to leave and it made her very upset, plus the car was hot. After a short argument I just made her get in the chair anyway and there was a lot of fuss.

summer dress stash

But, after that bit she was a good girl in the supermarket and all the way home - we put in a movie (Great Valley adventure - dinosaurs she has come to like a lot) and made fish sticks and went for a ride with Daddy on the fourwheeler. Now my fabric is washed and dried and she is outside playing in the yard with Daddy. I wonder what I can get done before she gets bored out there?

green bubble girl

green bubble girl


Lo said...

Love the fabric you used for the trousers, where did you find it? I follow your blog , I like its simplicity and how you follow your daughter's development. I have a 3 year old daughter who is the love of my life, and I wish I had the energy to do a blog diary of her growing up!

RheLynn said...

Thank you Lo! Nice to meet you :) Sometimes I lose my energy, too, even now. The pants fabric on little girl is something bought from a JoAnns fabrics several years ago. I did not have the courage to cut into it until I had just the right idea. I made the pants a few months back and never posted about it.

Lo said...

Its inspiring and I must try to write down all the cute things she says/does before I forget! my blog is by the way, I made a typo in my last comment.