Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Butterflies and more

On my way home I saw a bunch of butterflies on this one plant. I see them there often, but not so many. When I see them I always think how wonderful it would be to photograph them - or have Mark use his camera to photograph them. It was nearly sunset, but as soon as I got in the driveway I asked Mark if he would be apt for a short side trip back with the camera. He got five beautiful photos. The plant is 'joe pye weed' and the butterflies are tiger swallowtails (mostly). The butterflies, bees and wasps seem to think this plant is wonderful.

My sales today were 1/4 of my entire sales for last month. In ONE day. And they told me I had hit top 3 last month in the region... so WOW, guess everyone was having it hard. And this feels like a nice turnaround. I was BUSY today though, at least had some reliable help for most of the day. That was different than Monday, which was also a quite busy day. I work late tomorrow and off Friday.

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