Sunday, November 22, 2009

Drawing at the table and toddler shirt

Here are a few pictures of Esme drawing at my worktable. She has been having lots of fun with a pencil and paper today - actually forgoing crayons for it! She has also been liking my collection of colored thread and been naming some of the colors and sorting them between colored buckets and tin containers.

She is wearing that first size 3 shirt I made back in August that was too big for her then. Her hair is just as wild as ever. I washed it last night like I usually do but keeping it in pigtails is almost impossible lately. Mark still wants it to grow until Esme asks for it to be cut herself.. or experiments with cutting it like I did in kindergarten. Haha! I'll probably corner her and put it up before we go to Grandma's house.

One of her pages of handiwork

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