Sunday, June 21, 2009

for Emily

This is the lavendar sundress and shorts for Emily. They fit Esme really well and Emily's measurements are almost the same as Esme's. Inside the dress bodice is a white fabric lining with deer and trees (it was too cute not to use but too white to put anywhere it might get really dirty and show later)

Esme didn't want to stand still at all for the picture - her hair is a mess! Finally I asked her to 'draw draw' a picture for Mommy and she went to her easel - paydirt picture time! She cried when I took them off - didn't know she liked purple so much. I've got plenty of the purple fabric now to make her more shorts and she has been wanting something out of the carebear fabric we found at a rummage sale. It is turquoise and purple and has lots of stars and rainbows on it - so even though I'm against most licensed characters I'll make her a dress out of it ;)

little Esme update: Esme is surprising me more and more every day with her letters interest. She came up to my computer and pointed out the M in the IBM. We went to and she can navigate some of the functions herself! I didn't know that but she did - she has been taking my hands off of the keyboard and moving the mouse all by herself.

We are working now on learning some of the keys which will really help her letter recognition even more. She already can find the M key even though it isn't labelled -- haha she likes that and the letter E so much. We're working on finding the 'right arrow' key since that advances pages in Starfall. She's doing remarkably well for someone less than three feet high and two years old!

Also this morning I tried to trick her - she knows how to answer what do (monkey/dinosaur/kitty/doggie) say with the right sound. I asked her what fishies say - and she said 'pretty!' which made us laugh. Then I said what do lions say? She didn't know. I said lions are kitties, so what do lions say? She said meow? Good girl ;) I don't know why but I like that listening and reaction :)

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ElizabethE said...

YAY!! I can't wait! I will make sure to send you a pic of Emily wearing the outfit. I am sending a goody bag in the mail to you on Monday -- so hopefully you will get it next week!!

--Emily's mommy